new season

My baby had his first soccer practice tonight. He has been looking forward to this for days!  I have to say he was pretty good and fast.  I guess keeping up with an older brother will do that.  This is big stuff, being on a team and all. 


  1. Your "baby " looks sooo grown up but cute. Reminds of the days when Garrett started,now look my "baby' is in 8th grade.

  2. This is really big stuff. And isn't he the best looking, and I am sure the fastest player and really good at it too. All those games in the back yard didn't hurt. Your baby is a big boy now and oh take such joy in all you have accomplished raising him. Good job mom! Love, XXXOOO

  3. I love his haircut!!! He looks so cute, You will have to bring them over for a visit - please leave shoes in car!!! Miss you guys!


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