first day of school

Today our neighbors and friends all spent their first day at school: this is what we did.

read a nature book
copied a poem

played cards
read a little history
did puzzles

took a walk
fed the ducks

got lost in a maze

had and entire afternoon all to ourselves at a playground

I am so glad we spent our day together.  We learned, laughed and loved.  


  1. We had a great day being with you in the hot hot sun. It was an awesome way to not concentrate on the heat. See you again soon.

  2. Your first day of school was just to much fun. Way to go. Love, XXXOOO

  3. What a great first day of school! We absolutely love the sunflower maze! We went the last time the girls and I headed to Bethany to visit my parents. It would be so fun to meet up sometime (you, me, Kim and all our littles)! :)

  4. Where are you in the picture feeding the ducks?? Looks like a great place to spend a day. Was the maze fun and good for older kids? Zach and Kenz are dying to check out some mazes this fall


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