We just love the library. 

Today we did something a little different. After spending all day at home enjoying cleaning, cooking,  and playing, we went to the library at night. This was a big deal "Wow, we're out really late", Landon says, although it is really only 7:00, but it is getting darker these days.

I was able to register William for a program about balance. They read a story and talked about balance and made a balancing clown which is a huge success.

While he was in class Landon and I scoured the book shelves, we were looking for a book on Sabertooth Tigers.  Once discovered, we also saw books on all wild cats and had to get one of each.  Then we found a series of short chapter books that we are going to read before rest time.  The Mercy Watson books.  They had 5 out of 6 books. I tried to convince him just to get the first two. We will be back at the library next week. "But Mom, what if someone takes them?  We need to put a hold on #4" (it was not there). There was no stopping this child.  We continued to get all sorts of books, and each time he found one it was like he discovered a great treasure (which I think he did). He would yell, "Look at this one or I just have to get this".

When William's class was over, Landon ran and told him all the new books he discovered and then Will was picking out his discoveries.  

At one point a young girl ask what all the books were for. The boys just looked at her and said "To read".  Landon continues with, "I read in my head."

I have had a rule. You can take out as many books as you can carry in your bag. Well, I now walk out of the library with 5 bags full of books. My arm muscles are getting their workout.  I think we checked out 100 books or so.  Sigh.


  1. My husband Greg bought me the biggest tote bag he could find for our book bag! It breaks my back to carry it to the car. I wish our library ran the amount of books checked out year to date. I cannot even imagine how many it has been since January!

    I love the idea of the library at night. What a very special treat!

  2. I love books, I love that you love books, I love that the boys love books, I love the joy the boys get from books and I love you all. Enjoy the fun of reading in bed or in your head. Enjoy. XXXOOO


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