A Lake???

This was the response I got when I told the boys we were heading to a lake for the day(Tuesday) with friends.  They have never swam in a lake before and were a bit concerned of how clean it would be.  Don't things animals live in a lake?  Is there stuff on the bottom??  They were valid questions but I assured them that people do it all the time and that, I had in fact swam many days in a small lake growing up and I survived. Once there they forgot all their worries and spent the day just enjoying themselves. 

trying to capture some fish
inventingswimming serious work
the hours were spent building waterways, ponds, dams, mountains, volcanoes and such

I sat listening to discussions like:
how about this.....
maybe we should try......
what do you think......

They were problem solving , critically thinking, even hypothesizing and testing, changing their models to produce better results......they were sand scientists!


  1. Oh what a delightful day. Thanks for sharing. Love, XXXOOO


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