We had a big outing yesterday: I will break it up into two parts. 

First we went to Sheffield Pottery.
we saw where the clay is mined
how it is sifteddifferent types of clay: these are the natural colors how it all gets mixedthe final product

these pallets of clay on the shelves are headed for Bennington Potters, which is where we get our dishes from, I think it is pretty cool that we now know where the origin is for them, makes me feel more connected to the things we buy
we each got a sample piece of clay to bring home and play with
This amazing field trip was planned by a friend of mine whom we are going to take pottery classes from. This got the boys so excited to start the class. They are anxiously awaiting the first day and have all their ideas planned out already!


  1. What an amazing trip! Very very cool.

  2. Love the trip, the children and all you learned. How cool is it that you dishes are made from the clay mined at this place? And look at the piece of clay each one was given. Into what were those pieces made? So what are the plans for pottery class. Any hand and foot prints? Love to all.


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