the woods

The past few days the weather has cooled and it is beginning to really feel like Fall.  We have been enjoying the woods and the company of friends.  We have gone on two hikes in three days and I still want more.  It relaxes me so and is such a beautiful place to be.  The boys enjoy finding neat things and really take the time to look all around them and appreciate their world.  Sigh


  1. This post totally made me miss life in CT. Oh to live in a beautiful, small town again! Someday....

  2. was that Kent Falls?? It looks great where ever you went. Saturday was beautiful; we were at Dog Dyas all day and had a blast!! mackenzie had to work in our girl scout booth - we were collecting socks, wipes and $$$ for soldiers in Afganistan.

  3. Wonderful hike. Love that you can do it any day of the week. Enjoy. XXXOOO


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