goals or more like ideas

Our(my) ideas for the month of May.

With the price of gas these days we are trying to stay at home more and really only have one day a week where we do a big travel day.  

With that said we have so many activities/projects that I have stock-piled in the basement that I would like to work through.  I am also trying to stay away from a store for the entire month- just the groceries please!

We have started working on some of those things the past few days.

 fuse beads
"gold" excavation

Have our gardens all set by the end of the month.

Trying not to eat out the entire month.  Not just dinner but lunches and stuff. This is a hard one , more for me because after a long day sometimes I just don't feel like cooking but I am really trying to stick to this one. Several reasons- 1) to save money- we have a lot of big things coming up. 2) so when we do eat out it is special like it is suppose to be.  In order to get ready for this we took advantage of our towns restaurant week this past weekend and celebrated Mother's Day a week early. 

Work through this book with the boys.  There are 9 stories in it and then some follow up problem solving activities.  The problems may be more for Will than Landon but we will also do some creative art activity to go along with the story.  This way we can all be involved. Hoping it will peak their interests.

These are just a few of our ideas for the month. Each day brings us new ones that we never have time for it all-- but we shall try......


  1. I hear you on the gas prices and not wanting to travel around a lot. Also on the eating out! We love to eat out, but we're trying to save for some bigger things, too.

    Looks like you have a lot of fun projects in store. I have tons of "when we get to it" stuff...maybe now is the time to start thinking about doing some of them! Good idea!!

  2. ooops! it was signed in as my daughter's account, Sorry :(

  3. Wonderful ideas, the more you do them the easier it will become. Think of all the together time in store. You are just great for making the lives of your family members better and better every day. Thank you Rose. XXXOOO

  4. Wanted to tell you thanks for letting me know about restaurant week! We wanted to all go for Tapas, but it was packed with an hour wait.. So we headed out for an awesome Indian dinner. So so good! Looks like you are working through some awesome projects! See you all on Friday!


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