loving the library:part 1

Last week we attended our very first used curriculum fair. It was also a tag sale. I went to sell our stuff.  We had lots of games, arts and crafts and books from my teaching days. 

I was doing fine until the crowds started to slow down. The boys were off playing with new friends and so what was there to do. I began walking in circles looking at all the curriculum.  Being a "retired" school teacher I can get caugth up in books. I mean all these programs looked neat and each person had SO many of them.  The old self doubt began to take hold of me.  Instead of just going back to my seat and knitting- I kept looking. My brain started thinking maybe I should be using something.  That night after I had gone to bed I woke once again very late- 2:00am- and sat at the computer doing research on all sorts of homeschool curriculums. I was ready to buy something.  I would wait a day or two I told myself.

Monday afternoon, an unplanned trip to the library happened.  I browsed the shelves.  And came home with two bags full of books.

I've spent the past two nights reading through them. Some for a second time.
I am so glad I waited before purchasing any curriculums.  I know we learn best through just living our lives. I also know I have these amazing resources available to me.  There is just so much to use from the library that I don't want to be stuck with just one program. What if  we try it out and don't like it.  Hey, I just return it.  We can always try it again at a later date- with no cost obligation.  And they really are pretty neat.  We are going try some out this summer.
These are just a few of the many wonderful books that we have found at the library.  

I really am loving the library.  Next time your there browse your shelves for awhile. You never know what you may find.


  1. I still find it amazing how many of us are "retired" school teachers. Most of us are abandoning the "school" way of forced curriculum and school at home in favor of natural learning. Like you I have the same doubts from time to time but when I really listen to my girls and hear what they are saying, there is no doubt in my mind that this way is working.

    I bet you are glad you saved yourself the money!

  2. I was thinking the same thing that Jessica said! It is quite a commentary on the state of our education system when so many of us are leaving the profession and choosing to let our kids learn in a natural way! :)

    While we do trend toward the unschooling end of the spectrum (we believe that nothing tops the power of play and creating, especially at these young ages) I do see us fitting into the category of eclectic/relaxed homeschoolers as well. I figure I will follow their lead and see where it goes and what they need/want at the time. I think we are actually going to purchase the Oak Meadow Kindergarten curriculum simply because it is how we roll just put down on paper. I don't however want to be a slave to it, but I feel like it will be nice to have something to lean on for those days when perhapse it seems like we need a little "something".

    I think this homeschool journey we are all on is like the ocean. There are ebbs and flows in regard to what each year will bring and what each child wants to focus on. If we follow their lead we surely cannot go wrong!

  3. Ah, I can completely relate to the self-doubt. I am always wondering if there is something better out there. I think the way you are doing it is great, by exposing them to so many things you are able to take the best from everything!

    I have to look for that Kids Write book!

    I am a former teacher turned librarian turned homeschool mom. lol. So, I am always leaping for joy when someone says they love the library! Also, just so you know, if we don't have something in our consortium (not curriculum, although I did find The Complete Writer by Susan Wise Bauer that way) and someone wants it, say a Nature Study guide, something like that, we will order it. Most libraries will. They have a budget and order books monthly and are happy to accommodate their patrons' requests. So, if you can find something that you want, don't hesitate to ask them to buy it!

  4. WOW! Thanks for the comments. Shel I know a friend who uses the Oak Meadow Kindy and really enjoys it. She uses it more like a guide.

    Theresa- I just asked today about a book and they librarians said they would look into order it. Also the KIDS WRITE book is a Williamson book. I meant to write down the authors for you but returned it today without doing so. It's a neat book -just a little too much for us at the moment.

  5. Yeah, that is what I was thinking of doing too! More like a guide, instead of a hard and fast curriculum. Looking forward to getting ahold of it and seeing how it goes! I am glad to hear that your friend really enjoys it, I think we will too!

  6. Libraries are wonderful and I am so glad you exposed your children at such a young age and finally they allow you to bring home as many books as you want. That is a slice of heaven. Have a great time doing what you are doing and never, never doubt yourself. If you do just call me and I will remove all doubt pronto! Love you all, XXXOOO


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