Loving the Library: part 2

On yet another trip to the library during the many rainy days that we have had during May we learned how to use the library catalog. It was not a conscience decision on my part. The boys were just interested in finding a certain book- which actually is a series.  They are non-fiction books with 52 different titles.  So we looked up and discovered our hometown library had 3 pages full of them.  William learned where to find the call numbers, if the book is checked in and what branch it was in. Then we went on the hunt for the books. Landon was working on his numbers as William figured out how the order went.  We spent two hours there looking for these books. 

The library is such a great tool for so many reasons!

Now what were the books that we were searching for?

They are called You Wouldn't Want to Be.... and then they are about some person in History.   The boys LOVE them. 

We happened upon them a few months ago but after a few searches online I discovered that they are  highly praised by many homeschoolers.  I love when things like that just fall into place.

These are what we currently have but will be searching for more at other libraries as soon as we are done with these.


  1. Ohh.....I am going to have to get the one about Salem Witches. We are reading The Graveyard Book and this led to a discussion about the witch trials. Stratford's witch was Goody Basset and I sadly don't know much about her. The girls and I are going to head to the library to get the book written about her. This would go along perfectly!

  2. Don't you love it when you find an author or series that you just love. Then you have the fun of long hours of reading. I may check out the You Wouldn't Want to Be A World War II Pilot since my dad was just that. Great job Rose, Love, XXXOOO


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