new headgear

Everyone got new headgear today.

and even Gritty

The boys are beyond thrilled for their new BMX equipment and can't wait till they get to test it out on an actual course.  However, Gritty is pretty miserable with hers.  I feel so badly for her.  She bumps into everything and is trying very hard to get it off.  She had stitches by her eye that she scratched and opened so now she has to be humiliated with the cone.  My poor girl. 


  1. Very cool helmets . Make sure they are on at all times. Garrett made a trip to ER last night for stiches but in his running on the dock caught a nail. he is ok but no sports /swimming for 10 days that is hard. Have fun on those bikes.Auntie M sends love

  2. Love the head gear. Poor Gritty and Garrett. Can't wait to hear all about BMX riding. Have fun. Love, XXXOOO


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