memories of me

Today we took it easy. We brought Gritty to get her mouth cleaned and a bump removed. We went grocery shopping.  It was a good trip. The boys used the coupons I had to treasure hunt and then of course we used the self check out. They are so proud of the fact that they get to scan and bag our groceries.  It's neat.  Holding on to these times as I am sure they will tire of it soon enough.

Then we just spent the afternoon outside- sandbox play, knitting, reading stories and playing with all of our friends. 

This was me. I remember sitting for  hours on my lawn with all my friends. Just talking, playing and having picnics.  It made me smile to watch the boys.  I still have some of my friends in the attic.  We discussed that and how maybe they should come down from the attic and join their little group.  Ooh the excitement in the boys' eyes. To think mama's friends can be our friends.

There was nothing that we had to do but enjoy the day.  It was a wonderful feeling of not having to be anywhere but to just be.

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  1. Just be is the best. Love all the friends. What a delightful day. The world keeps moving but these are the times to remember. Love to all, XXXOOO


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