sweet sewing

We are still working hard on making many of our gifts these days. So of course the boys had some great ideas for their sweet little cousin.

They both picked out the colors, helped prepare the fabric, sew it, and design the patterns themselves.

William drew his own creature and then we cut it out of pieced fat quarters.  I just love the quirkiness of it!  There are arms- you just can't see them.

For Landon, we pieced together quilt squares, which he made patterns out of for every side.  I love how it actually looked like a cube. 

We had such fun sewing together and they were again so proud of the results.  My machine has been hiding in the corner for awhile now but I am definitely taking it our more. We have so many ideas to make!


  1. What great gifts! !! and speaking of gifts Garrett did receive his putty and has had lots of fun with it. I know you have called and we have wanted to call but soccer tryouts and end of grade testing.Only 10 days left of school.Will try to call soon.

  2. Love the gifts, patterns and choice of fabrics. William and Landon sure are industrious. What a wonderful and patient mom to allow the boys to do all this creating. Love to all, XXXOOO


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