listening to laughter

Eric had jury duty to day. He spent the day waiting at the court house.  The boys and I kept wondering if he was going to be picked and .. he was. He has to sit in  on a civil trial sometime next week.  Although the day was long for him while waiting, it made for an early arrival at home.  4:30!

The boys were thrilled. There was backgammon play, a trip to the Dr's to be fixed up, and dinner as a family. Yeah!

While I was cleaning up after dinner the boys headed upstairs for games and books.  I loved listening to the laughter trickling down the stairs.  It made my heart swell. This is exactly what  all the boys needed to break up the week of rain and long hours. In a way I am kinda glad Eric got chosen for jury duty.  Court hours may be more consistent and we may have a few days of early nights.  What a joy it will be!

We also got a great surprise in the mail today.  The boys received a new costume from our, I mean Grammy.  They LOVE them. Thanks so much for all the hard work.  This also generated quite a few laughs.

 Only Landon was in the posing mood today. I am sure there will many more photo ops with Will.

Have a great night and listen to the laughter.


  1. Well this one looks a little big. Wonder about Williams. Head dresses are still on the drawing board. Love the loin cloth pictures. Love, XXXOOO

  2. Big is good. Lots of years of use!


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