on the water

My wonderful husband had a great idea yesterday to go and rent kayaks. I used to go kayaking  a lot when I was in school and have missed it so much.  The boys were so excited to give it a try and they did awesome.

 We stopped at a beach and got out for a little swim and some nature seeing for a bit before heading back.

It was just so relaxing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The boys want to know when we are going to do it again. I can easily be persuaded to go again and again and again...

We rented them down  where my dad's marina used to be. And then went to lunch at what was my mom's favorite seafood restaurant.

It was not only a day of building new memories for our family,  but it brought back many memories of my childhood days.

Thanks Eric for such an awesome idea and celebrating our anniversary together as a family.
Yep, today it's our 14 year anniversary.   Time has gone by so fast, and they have been some pretty amazing years.


  1. What an awesome day !!! Happy Anniversary !!

  2. What a wonderful day. Hope you are able to do it again and again and again. Love and Happy Anniversary, Love, XXXOOO


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