Fairy Tale Birdhouses

Recently we went to one of our favorite Autumn activities. Every October the Florence Griswold Museum has local artist create sculptures all over their grounds. This years theme was Of Feathers and Fairy Tales: Enchanted Birdhouses.  There were over 44 birdhouse based on wonderful fairy tales. The boys had a great time studying the birdhouses and then trying to guess which fairy tale they were based on.  

I love our discussion as we look at all the birdhouses. The boys are appreciating the different styles of art. They are gaining an understanding of how every person interprets the same story differently.It is really pretty awesome.

Also on the grounds they always have some type of fun pretend play for kids.

We also took part in an art class where the kids were to create their own birdhouses.

My boys have snow on the brain.....

ski lodges

This is our third year going, I guess making it a tradition almost.  The grounds are so beautiful and peaceful. Easily one of my favorite days.


  1. What a neat trip! My girls and I would LOVE to see those birdhouses!! (Beautiful photos, too, btw.)

    One of my sisters lives near that museum, I think. She is in Ivoryton, CT and I know that's not very far from Old Lyme.

    I am so glad to find your blog, and I look forward to reading more :)

  2. Hi Susan,

    If you ever get a chance to visit your sister and the museum you should go. It is very close to her and such a wonderful place.

  3. looks like such a fun place to visit! Rosemarie- you said you'll be visiting Punta Gorda in 2 weeks? Well, you should visit the Ponce de leon park and see the PeaceRiverWildlifeCenter:
    it's free and fun- Pelican feeding is great and most of the volunteers are very nice & have great information about the animals - or we could give you the grande tour - we are right by Boca Grande -
    We would love to come and meet you there or most any park around the area (don't know how much time you'll have but we enjoy meeting other homeschool families!) If you find an extra hour or two - let me know! kellidparker@yahoo.com

  4. What a delightful day. Love, XXXOOO

  5. I think that the next time we visit her, we'll try to plan a trip there.

  6. What fabulous pictures! One year we must take a trip there to see these wonderful fairy houses! :)


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