our dream playground

There is this playground that we get to only twice a year or so because of the distance from our house. But the boys absolutely love it!  Landon had been asking to go there for over a month, so when a beautiful day presented itself we took  a little road trip to enjoy the day. 

It is actually called Johnathan's Dream Playground. A playground that is built for all children. It was one of the first in the country but I know more and more of them are being built. They are now known as boundless playgrounds. 

I love it because of the huge construction tires that are used in the play structures.  The boys create obstacle courses and time themselves as they play.  Then there is hide and seek, adventures in the sandbox and on swings. It truly is a place you can spend endless hours.  I love just letting the boys have the freedom to wander and be.

   If you are ever in the Hartford area of CT you should plan to check it out.

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  1. What is better than a dream playground on a fall day? Wonderful. Love, XXXOOO


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