blue skies, perfect day

The weather was simply too wonderful to stay inside all day. The beauty of our life really is incredible. We headed to a local nature park for a nice hike.

About half way through we rested for a bit and played in the flowing stream.

We discovered this park seven years ago. While the boys sat playing I marveled at how fast time goes by. I remember many days sitting in these woods, playing on the fields, sledding down the snow hill or visiting the animals. So many times we have been to this same spot but each time is different, new and exciting.  The wonder in their eyes as we listened and searched for the woodpecker among the trees, or discovered many colored mushrooms along the path.  These days are my favorite time spent with them. 

A deep sigh, I knew that learning from the earth was where we needed to be. That spending these days in the woods would be the memories that lasted. I still can recall the days I spent behind my house for hours with my best friend, simply lost in the world of nature.  

I often wonder about the boys' friends. The fact that we only see people every so often. Are they forming the bonds they need for a lasting friendship? Do they have a best friend? Then I see this....
I know. I know they love, trust and care for one another with all their hearts. I know that brothers are friends.

It was a glorious day. Another memory amongst the best of friends.


  1. Oh my gosh, Rosemarie, these pictures are gorgeous! The one of the boys holding hands (and this final one) are my faves. Seriouly frame worthy.

    It's funny you write about wondering about the boys forming lasting friendship. The last few weeks I myself have wondered the same thing about the girls (especially Grace) and then I see them together and how close they are and there is peace. Homeschooling is such a gift and if it bonds them as close as they are now for always then that will surely make my heart smile! There are five years between my sister and I and it is only over the last few that we have gotten close. The best friendness that I see between my two is something I wish I'd had with my sister when we were kids...

    Thanks for this post! It truly is a good reminder for all of us! :)

  2. Shel, Thanks so much for your kind words. You always have such nice things to say and it brightens my day. The boys had no idea I was shooting the picture of them holding hands. I was pretty far away using my zoom lens.

    It warms my heart when they do this- because there are the days when they are seriously not happy with one another. But I just keep reminding them that they are the closest relative they will ever have and can be each others greatest friend as long as they continue to nourish the relationship.

  3. What a great way to spend the day. Watching a stream has always been one of my favorite things to do on a hike. Friends?, just look at them. Great job Rose, keep it up. Love, XXXOOO

  4. This just touches my heart since my boys are so different and what we are experiencing right now it is so good to see how much they care about each other. Love you guys


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