Taking it slow

I was so in the mood to write all of September. I posted 29 days out of 30. I missed the last day because I was out on a date with Eric.   Then the weekend came and we were all a bit slow, just taking it easy.  October started without me even knowing it. Even now as I write, I had to pull myself away from my first fiction book in so long. I am usually reading some inspirational, parenting, life learning book of sorts. But I needed a fun read. So that is what I am doing and will be heading back upstairs in a moment. But I wanted to share a pictures of what we saw in our own backyard this weekend.

Yes it was the middle of the day but we don't think he was rabid or anything. Gritty scared him/her our of their home under our shed- we think. It stayed in the tree for a bit and then disappeared.  Always something exciting going on.


  1. What a sweet little guy! And in the middle of the day? How awesome!

    I'm with you - I spent a few months there just wanting to writewritewritewrite. And now its as though I've hit this totally dry spell. I either don't know what to say, or I don't have time to say what I want to say. Do you think it has something to do with the season?

  2. First of all...I love this picture. I can't even imagine how excited my girls would be to find a raccoon in our yard!

    We all have ups and down in our writing. Sometimes there is a wellspring of creativity and there are times when it goes dry. I always feel more reflective in fall, less so in summer. I loved your August series of photographs!

  3. It was pretty fun to keep going back and checking on him. We were sad when he left.

    I am not sure what I have to say is always interesting to anyone so I just decide not to write, but I know I should since Grammy always loves to know what is going on.

  4. Grammy sure does love to know what is going on. And whats going on is so wonderful, creative, fun, interesting, inspiring, laughable, serious, educational, character building, and child rearing. I am in awe of all you do for your family. I simply cannot thank you enough. Love you all dearly, XXXOOO


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