A day at home, just chugging along with our daily lives.  

There was some cleaning with lots of help.

Game playing.



Laying in bed for an hour reading an entire book together. We are so loving this series.

There was nothing out of the ordinary today and I am learning these are the days that matter most. We weren't rushing around trying to get things done. We just let it happen naturally.  The boys had hours of uninterrupted play.  When it started to get a little heated I would offer up a suggestion, ex. game, read, create.  We would all be together for some focus time and then they were off to their own again. It really flowed so nicely . All day long.

And now I'm off to finish my book:)


  1. I needed this post tonight. We're in the middle of a time when, because of other (non-school) things going on, I'm starting to stress out about what we are doing as far as school and how much and of course, I will never think its enough. (Which just adds to the stress of the non-school things.) Thank you for this post tonight. It was just what I needed to see!

  2. What series and what book? Grand way to spend the day. Love, XXXOOO


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