Where Are All The Children?

This was a question I kept asking myself and my friend, Kim all afternoon.  We had swim class and then headed to a local playground. We got there at about 4:00. The time most kids would be out of school. It was such a beautiful day. A perfect cool, clear autumn day. We were there for 2 hours. During those 2 hours we saw 3 kids. 3!  I just couldn't get over the fact that we were really the only people taking advantage of the day.  

I know we are so fortunate that we live this life. We don't need to rush anywhere, worry about homework or get to bed early.  

I wake up thankful everyday that this is our life.


  1. I have noticed this disturbing trend over the past 2 years. Our neighborhood looks very similar to yours from the pictures you post. We have a huge park with baseball and football fields, two ponds, two playgrounds, a wading pool and a path. It is never occupied with children unless they are on a team.

    We have a great sledding hill three houses away from us. We used to rush out by 8 or 9am to get the best spot and the first few runs down. It used to be filled with families. Last year was the best sledding year ever and the hill was empty.

    Why are the children staying inside? Is it TV? Is it video games? Is is homework? Is it lessons? I wish I knew the answer but I do know that we will all suffer if the children do not get out and connect in a meaningful way with nature.

    I love that my girls can ride their bikes at 11:00 if they want, or walk their dog, or explore the pond, or just sit in their yard and work on a story. I am so very grateful.

  2. Where are the children? After school programs and day care. How very sad. Childhood should be spent with the carefree joy of exploring their world as the desire hits. That's just what you are giving yours. And I am very grateful you are doing just that. Keep up the good work. Love, XXXOOO

  3. I am here from Jess's blog. I so agree with this post. I never see children playing outside either. My 11 year old plays outside all the time. We had tornadoes in April, power out for a week, and I kept hearing the same thing, "I have never seen so many kids outside playing". They were UNPLUGGED so they played. I wish more did.

  4. Everything you all say is true. I just was afraid to actually say it out loud. I didn't want to offend anyone.

  5. Wish it was fall here . Too hot 84 yesterday and today. Love the lantern ghosts very cool


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