creating time

I love making things. Always have and always will. When the boys were babies and napped forever, I would spend the afternoons creating. As they started growing I loved just spending time with them creating.  Somehow, someway I wish for them and myself to create every day.  

The older they get, the more complicated their projects become and they wish to leave them for a bit and then go back to them.  We would just use the dining room table. The only table we have for everything. I keep the supplies in the basement and we go get what we need and bring everything upstairs, and then when we are done for the day we have to bring it all back downstairs, plus find a place to put our projects for a bit.

I kept saying one day it would be cool if we had a room or place for our creating time.  Well I finally decided instead of waiting to make the best with what we have. So for the past month I have been working on cleaning the basement and organizing it the best that I can.  It is used for storage, laundry room, Eric's home office, workshop and now our creating area.  There is still more I would like to do. I have to figure out how to stay warm down there during the winter months. But for now it is a new beginning. And we head down there every afternoon to create.  It is awesome. Since we can keep projects going for a bit.

 The wooden table you see will be my area. It was in my parents house, a drafting table my dad built. It needed a little TLC but will work wonderfully.


  1. YES! A space to make it happen! There is nothing better. I think what you've done is great and will inspire more magic to be made! :)

  2. You go girl! Love it and I imagine that ya'll will spend hours upon hours creating things in that wonderful space! :)

  3. You have done a wonderful job. Look at everything you have available to use. I just love all. XXXOOO


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