evening hours

While we were in Florida we got kinda used to late dinners and staying up later than we were used to. I told you I became rather relaxed. Anyways since we've been home we are really trying hard to continue this pattern. We want to be able to eat dinner more with Daddy.  However after a busy day of playing and living, my boys and I are usually pretty beat by late afternoon. 

SO in order for us all to keep it together, we usually have a nice snack and then head out the door with Gritty. She anticipates this time all day long.  It's "hers" I tell the boys. She needs to stretch her legs and get exercise to keep healthy and be with us for another several years. She is 10 already. Yikes.  Therefore we don't dwaddle. This is a time for keeping a good pace for the sake of the Dog. But of course we all get a little exercise too. As well as find a few treasures along the way. 

We return home refreshed with new energy for the evening hours. The boys have been wanting to help with dinner again, which I am loving .  The excitement for Eric to enter our door is electrifying. We all have so much to share about our day. 

There have been a few nights where I am just so beat that I  wish the house was quiet already but I catch myself and wonder does it all really matter?  We have nowhere to be in the morning and these hours spent with Daddy will only pass too quickly. We must cherish them while we can.  I am embracing this new pattern full speed ahead.


  1. Ok, this reminder was huge to me. Seriously. We (generally) have nowhere to be in the morning. And you're right - does it all really matter? Thanks for this post, I needed this today!

  2. Of course when we go to bed later it does not mean we sleep later in the morning. The boys still wake up at 6:30/7:00.

    Hope your day was good Mama Tea!


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