Traveling the USA Through Puzzle Books

Right now William is enjoying working through Which Way USA by Highlights. Each book focuses on a state and has a ton of puzzles to solve. We work through them together, since sometimes they even stump Mama. The first state we started with was Florida which was great since Grammy and Grampy live there. We learned a bit more about the sunshine state.  It's a great way to learn facts about each state and there is plenty of practice for writing, number, and spelling.  Each month he looks forward to getting them in the mail.  There are two other clubs we may join in the future. A math one and a world traveling one.  He loves solving puzzles!


  1. What is the math club? I am searching for ways to make my girls like math.

  2. HI Jess,
    If you go the Highlights web site or follow my link above, then go to clubs. It is called Mathmania. It is a book full of math puzzles to solve. It looks neat but we haven't actually seen one yet.


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