There were no fancy plans for the weekend. I let my camera sit for two days.  I took pictures in my mind and heart.

William had a soccer game. There were errands to run.  Games were played. The weekly batch of granola was baked. Matches of fuse ball took place.  The boys re-discovered their passion for painting, but I was not allowed to see their artwork. Surprises for later this week they tell me.  Grass got mowed. Ice cream got eaten.  Walked to the used book store and new books were traded.  Old time cartoons were watched. "Rocky and Bullwinkle"  Time relaxing while mama knitted, Will and Dad each read, and Landon played. The boys "fixed" daddy with their tools.  Sunday breakfast made by dad, was eaten while telling stories of Eric and mine childhood.
A new light was installed in Landon's closet so he can find his toys more easily. William helped Dad with the measuring and cutting. Eric made his signature dinner: steak, grilled potatoes and Caesar salad.  The salad was made in collaboration with Landon.  
Watching and listening to these moments are what made the weekend. Time spent in love and patience. The boys feeling that they are contributing to our family, which they are, in oh so many ways.

A weekend of not going anywhere but staying home to be together.  Right now William thinks we have to go somewhere in order to have fun.  We are trying to stress to him that fun is what you make it and it can be found anywhere. Especially at home with those you love and love you.


  1. Fun IS what you make and it can be found anywhere - so true! I think there are adults who still need to learn this. :) What fabulous things you're teaching your kids...even if they don't realize it right away. ;)

  2. What tales of childhood is what I want to know and do I get a chance to set the record straight? What a wonderful weekend. Love, XXXOOO


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