Another discovery while at the Good Will.  We found one of Tomie Depaola chapter books. I have always been a fan of his picture books. We have several and the boys know him as an author.  

We read What a Year first and then learned it was part of a series. (I should have done my research).  Anyways, I mentioned we would see if the library had them. The next time we went I wasn't even looking for them. I was just walking by a shelf and they were all right there in front of me. The whole series. It was meant to be. 

We have been reading them non-stop and have fallen in love with the stories.  They are true stories about the author, Tomie's life as a little boy.  The last four are the years during the war.  The neatest thing about these books is that he lived in our state, in a town not too far from us. Many of the places he talks about we can visit ourselves.

The chapters are short enough for someone who is just starting to listen to chapter books. The boys want me to read the whole book in one setting, but my voice usually tires.  We usually read one in two or three days.

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  1. What a find. I will look for them at our library so I know what you are learning. XXXOOO


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