lessons from the kitchen

This week with the weather a bit cooler than that of mid summer I have had the urge to bake again.  It has been a while since we have used our oven.  We made Granola and Apple muffins.  Yum!  

I love that the boys were so into helping me- so much so that they began arguing about who was doing what.  Oh the joys!

But I do love it ALL.  I love how they may not like green apples but they do love them when they are cooked into muffins. I love how they are learning to use knives so well, and their mama isn't freaking out.  I love how they are tasting the apples as they cut them. Do they know they are still green apples? I love how we discuss fractions as we are measuring out the ingredients. I love that when the muffins and granola are done- there is SO much eating to be done. (We ate a dozen muffins in one day.)  I love how they smile the entire time we are in the kitchen together, and the little comments of "This is fun Mama" happen to come about.  I love the feeling of not relying on others(the stores) to feed my family  healthy food. I love how it really only takes a short amount of time to create big results. 

That last statement is the truth of it all.  Not just in baking but in real time. A few moments of serious listening and close attention is what makes all the difference. Giving them what is needed will result in some pretty amazing ideas/thoughts/character/personalities. You name it.  Things happen when you really listen. I hope I am always waiting with an open ear.


  1. The muffins look so yummy! Would you be willing to share your recipe?! And the granola sounds delicious too! I am so happy that the cooler weather has arrived, it's always such a welcome treat and leads to such good cold weather food! Happy September!

  2. Great post. Amazing how fall will bring about baking. Love how you tied all that learning in with baking. And you're right: It only takes a short time to create big results. Perhaps if I tattoo that on my forehead...

  3. I had to giggle when imaging a tattoo on one's forehead.

  4. I so enjoy you making all you do a family project. This is so good for the boys. Thanks for all you do Rose. XXXOOO


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