my little slice of heaven

A 12' x 5' area that I have fallen in love with. Eric has redone our back steps, and in the process made them a bit bigger so we have a small deck.  We may not be able to fit a table and chairs on it but we can still all sit out there together. I sit out there early in the morning with my cup of tea. We hang out there later in the day relaxing in the shade. 

I grew up with a big deck surrounded by trees. I have fond memories of spending many hours on the deck with my mom. She would love to listen to the wind blowing in the trees, and I find myself doing the same thing, with the few trees we have around us.

Eric may not think it is much but I think it is the most lovely thing in the world right now. By far my favorite part of the house. 

I took this picture on Friday, since then Eric has finished the railing that was missing. Each weekend he adds a little more to it. It has exceeded my expectations tremendously!


  1. Isn't it nice to have a new place to step out to? It is a beautiful deck and looks like you're making great use of it!

  2. It is not the size of the space, but the feelings that space creates within us. I would have to agree with you, a slice of sunlight, my children working peacefully, my dog, my knitting, (I would add a cup of coffee or tea or a yummy smoothie) and I would be in heaven. This is a fantastic picture!

  3. They are such peaceful afternoons. It kinda grounds us for the evening time when we spend time relaxing on the back steps/porch.

  4. Isn't the deck grand? What a sweet gift. Enjoy every day. I love to think of you all gathered on it. Our porch in CT gave me the same feelings. Love to all. XXXOOO


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