Breakfast anyone?

The boys so love yogurt parfaits. So I made our own this week. 

We toasted some oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  Added a bit of honey to make it sweet.  Then layered it with plain yogurt and strawberries mixed with a spoonful of OJ. The plain yogurt was a big to do. There were groans of how it wouldn't taste good.  But two glasses later there were no more doubts.

I usually put all my focus into dinner recipes, but this week have started making a better variety of breakfasts.  Blueberry/banana smoothies. 

Fruit smoothie with kale. A recipe from Amanda's book.
This tasted better than it looks. Even with the bits of kale. William drank 3 glasses. 

Trying new things. All of us.  It's  all good.


  1. Well, if it tastes better than it looks, it must be amazing because I think that looks pretty darn good! :)

  2. This all looks so good!! Trying new things is awesome, isn't it?!

  3. What creative ideas. Good for you Rose and good for the boys. Love, XXXOOO


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