May Day

We were invited to participate in the May Day celebration at the school that we are taking our art enrichment program. The boys were a bit unsure at first.  Very curious with questions. I did not have much to say except give it a chance.

We got there. I saw the May pole. I saw all the flowers. Oh the lilacs,  how I love love love their scent!  Memories came flashing back to me. Going out early in the morning to pick lilacs from our front yard bush, wrapping them in paper towels and aluminum foil.  Carrying them on the bus. Being ever so careful not to crush them. It was always such an exciting day. We would hike out to the back field by the sea and have our May Day celebration.  Lilacs have been my favorite flower ever since.

I am so glad that the boys had an opportunity to participate in one. They were a bit apprehensive but I think they had a good time making their crowns and dancing and singing.


  1. Didn't know anyone celebrated May day any more. So glad you could take part. Every day is a celebration and should be treated as such. Enjoy. Love, XXXOOO

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