last day gifts

Today was our last day at the Apple Blossom class the boys have been taking for the past 6 weeks. It seems like they just started. Time certainly is flying by. I can't say that I have too much to show for all that time alone.

But I digress.

Yesterday Landon asked what we were going to make for our teachers. Of course there should be some making but life had taken over and I just was not on top of the ball. So early this morning we made corn muffins. Since I don't keep any paper or plastic in the house I had to be creative in what we should transport them in.  Tea boxes that I had been saving for another craft were going to have to do.  We printed out some cute note cards, then the boys raided the sticker box and my paper supply. They decorated the boxes a bit and walla!, we had a cute little present. It might have been a bit cuter had we I thought if it sooner. But we make do.  


  1. These teachers never received a more precious and delicious gift. You made do and you made great. The teachers were very fortunate to have such lovely children to teach. Way to go all of you. Love, XXXOOO

  2. They look so yummy! I love how you up cycled the tea boxes, mighty clever!


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