racing season

Our BMX season is upon us. There was so much anticipation to the first race.  We arrived and survived. Both boys pedaled so hard.  They both placed pretty well in their races. This is good. They are proud of themselves and so excited for the next 4 1/2 months. Yes 4 1/2 months of racing. Almost as long as our skiing season.  But much hotter. 

It is a long night for us all. It is not always easy for Eric and I to sit around for the 4 hours that we are at the track.  We try our best to offer opportunities that the boys crave and support them in what they love.  Every race is 40 seconds of me holding my breath, watching closely, hoping they are are safe till the finish line.

Seeing them cross that line with smiles on their faces makes it all the better.  These are my babies and they are growing rapidly.

Much the same as we are their support during the race , we're their support all the way through life. We will be on the sidelines always and meet them at the finish, wherever that may be.

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  1. Love Landon's new suit. He looks great. Will looks wonderful too. You have captured parenting...sitting on the sidelines, holding your breath, sharing the victories and defeats. Love, XXXOOO


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