wonders at home

During this past week our life has been altered slightly.  We are enjoying more time at home. We are taking pleasure in the little things and grateful for all that we have.  We are slowing down. 

Simple pleasures such as:

:: moving the basketball hoop so it is higher and more challenging

:: making my first homemade pretzels

:: watching Landon make Gritty treats, such concentration trying to decide what cookie cutter to use next

:: learning from the T.V. together, the new favorite -World's Toughest Fixes

:: finding new cloths for Will for $1.00 each

:: playing with new to us blocks over and over

:: spending time with my sweet girl

:: loving that I bought two Trek bikes at a tag sale for 5.00 each and they work!


  1. Life is so good. You amaze me Rose, great job, great finds and great family. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Simple pleasures are the absolute best, aren't they?! Those pretzels look so good!!

  3. I have always wanted to try to make my own pretzels. I have a recipe from when the Home Ec kids used to make them when I worked in Clinton but I am always afraid to make dough. Yours look so good ! Trek bike for $5.oo Wow Lucky boys.


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