sponge bombs

One of my favorite magazines is Family Fun. Each issue is filled with great ideas and projects. I have made a scrapbook of all the projects I think the boys and I would like.  This way they are easily accessible. Like just this afternoon when Landon told me how hot he was and could we please get wet. A quick trip to the store for sponges. Home again and they were made in about 10 minutes. The boys were outside in a flash, soaking one another and cooling off.  Totally fun!


  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! So going to make some of these. Bring on the summer heat, we will be ready.

  2. I love Family Fun, too. Out of curiosity, did you use a normal scrapbook or some sort of binder? I'm asking because we have a LARGE stack of the magazines and I've been trying to decide what to do with them...I really like the idea of creating a scrapbook.
    I've wanted to try these sponge bombs, and I think we might just actually do it sometime soon!

    1. HI Susan,
      I just took an old spiral bound workbook and glued in the pages I tore our of the magazines.

    2. You totally inspired me to go through our (five+ years' worth!!) of Family Fun magazines. The girls have been helping me today...we've ripped out all the things we were interested in that we couldn't pin on Pinterest from their website. It has been a super fun project :)

  3. Wonderful. I love the way you allow the boys to get an idea, then help them do it and all the while there is nothing but fun, fun, fun! Wonderful. Love, XXXOOO


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