a bowl of thanks

We have been collecting birch bark on each of our walks the past few weeks. My original intent was to write every day during November about what we are thankful for and hang them up in a banner style. Well November got away from me and we did not do that. Instead today, we took all the pieces we had and wrote what we were thankful for and something that each of our family members did that made us thankful for them. We put them all in this big glass bowl. Our plan is during dinner tomorrow to pull them out and read them aloud. We wrote the notes secretly so it will be fun to see what everyone has to say. The boys really got into it and I was surprised at how many and how long William wrote for.  I am glad there is an abundance to be thankful for around here.


  1. I am thankful for all of you. Love you all dearly! Happy Thanksgiving. XXXOOO


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