the sparkle in his eye

Landon and I have been reading The Wise Enchanter. It is a wonderful story that leads 4 children on a quest to rescue the alphabet. Each chapter focuses on a letter. I did not say much about it but after a few chapters he picked up on it and then began figuring out what letter came next. We started discussing what words in the chapter began with that particular letter. 

I haven't pushed him into reading, but knowing that the letters were clicking I asked him if he wanted to learn how to read. He already tells us that he reads in his head, but was excited about the thought of reading the words aloud.

I wanted something that was simple and basic. I know I could have just done it on my own or helped him along as he went but I felt I needed a little something to help me. Something with a systematic way. This way I won't feel like I missed anything. I let William really learn on his own and he is a terrific reader( a post coming soon), but there are gaps here and there.

I found the Reading Lesson. It's short easy lessons without a lot of rules. Just easy reading. We have done the first lesson and can I just tell you- the way his sweet eyes lit up when he read the first words and then the short little story. It was the BEST reason to homeschool.  To be the one to watch him learn and share in his excitement. He ran to William to share the news that he could read.  Loving the fact that his brother is the first one he wants to share things with.  He read the word "cot" and immediately thought of Grampy when he was here visiting. (Grampy brought his own cot with him).

It has been lots of fun working with him. He is just so excited. The days that we miss it he is very upset. I have taken the little stories out of the book and made them into a folder for him and he loves practicing reading -especially to Daddy.

I wish I could have captured that first moment on film when he realized he was reading, but it will always be in my heart and mind.


  1. The delight of seeing your child take his first step, hear him say his first word, and now experiencing the wonder of the spoken word come to life from the written word. Nothing could be finer. I am so gratful for all you do for the boys. Who better to share these moments with but your mom? Thanks for sharing with Grampy and me. We each had a tear in our eyes at the wonder of it all. Love to all and congratulations to Landon. Oh the places he will go by reading. XXXOOO


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