romping in the woods

This little pup of ours is ready to play and get moving first thing in the morning. We were taking our walk around 11:00 but he is just not wanting to wait that long. I end up having to go outside with him several times in an hour and the boys and I cannot get anything done. So instead we go right after breakfast. He runs like crazy to keep up with the boys and then when we get home he is ready for his morning nap. I get a few home things done while the boys play outside for a bit and then we can all get together and do some activities while Jax is sound asleep. The places he is loving are my bed, the living room couch or under the computer . There is rug under there where he can curl up nice and snug.

It feels good to get out early, just a wee bit cold. This morning it was 19*.


  1. My how Jaxson has grown. It is wonderful for the boys and for Jaxson to have each other. I love that you are able to foster these relationships. Yet again GOOD JOB Rose! We love all of you. XXXOOO

  2. Oh my he looks so cute exploring with your boys.


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