life with Jaxson

This week has been fun and tiring. We had a baby earlier than expected.:)

We are up twice a night to go out the bathroom. We have to keep constant watch so he won't put anything in his mouth. We have baby gates up blocking the stairs so he won't get hurt. We have times of play and then long periods where we need to keep quiet- it's nap time. We have lots of wonderful snuggles as we sleep at night. He likes to be up close to us, sometimes sharing our pillow. He loves my slippers. No matter where I am, standing or sitting he comes and lays right on my feet.  We can't leave him alone. Still trying to figure how I am going to do Dr's appointments and errands. We are trying the crate out little by little but he just cries and cries at the moment. He sees the boys and knows they are his playmates. He loves tromping through the woods with them. He is still learning to jump over logs and it is so cute to watch.

Basically life with Jaxson is pure love!


  1. So cute! Puppies are such hard work. We seem to now only adopt older ones! He may cry a little, but the crate really is your friend when you can't watch him. He looks like the cutest thing in the world, enjoy him!

  2. What a lovely thing. The woods, two boys and a dog. Doesn't get better than that, until there are three. XXXOOO


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