being pampered

The other night I was taking Jaxson out to go the bathroom. The temps had dropped and as I was coming in the house I fell on a sheet of black ice. I landed flat on my back with a big thump. I was not getting up on my own. Jaxson came right over to me and sat on top of me. He was going to take care of me until someone figured out where I was.

The boys were in the house watching a  quick show. I tried to call for them but they couldn't hear. I knew the show would be over soon and they might eventually wonder where we both were. Also, Eric was going to be home in about 10 min. So I held tight until he got home. What a sight to come home to. Your pregnant wife laying on the ground in 20* temps with the dog on top of her. He helped me up and I was sore. I took a hot shower and headed to bed.

I spent the next day in bed but was brought this lovely little surprise breakfast by my sweet boys. They certainly know how to make a lady feel special. They were great all day while I tried to recoup. There has been lots of snow here this week so they are having fun outside. I am much better. And will be a bit more careful where I step.


  1. How frightening! I am glad to hear that you are okay. Enjoy the pampering. Those boys sure know how to treat their Mama well!

    1. Sorry - I thought I was on my logon. This is Jessica!

    2. I seem to fall every time I am pregnant. This one wasn't too bad. I am all better- just getting big!

  2. Oh my dear. Are you sure you and the baby are all right? What about that Jaxson? He wasn't going to leave you and to make sure you weren't going anywhere he sat on you! And what about those boys? Way to go! And what about Eric? He is just plain great. And so are you Rose. We love you all and pray for your safety especially with all the wonderful snow. Love, XXXOOO

  3. Oh no, glad you are okay and being well taken care of.

  4. I am so glad you are OK! How sweet of Jaxson and your boys to take such good care of you :)
    I left you a reply comment on my blog just now, but I decided I'd hop right over here now and say hi. I've been reading all this time, but have been really bad about commenting.
    Take care!!


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