fragment ::
a part broken off or detached
an isolated, unfinished, or incomplete part
an odd piece, bit, or scrap.

**Discovered Jaxson weighs only 8 pounds.**

**Received my letter from the state of Vermont, letting me know our home study program has been approved. Feeling relieved that is all done with for now.**

**William made yummy corn muffins with raspberry preserves all by himself this week.**

**Still trying to declutter things- putting stuff on eBay.**

**Working on getting the boys on a ski team for the Winter.**

** Feeling a bit more tired each day as my belly grows**

**Started studying Early American History with Beautiful Feet books and am loving it. Reading great literature, discussing some key points, relating them to our own character, and coloring a picture. Boys are really enjoying it so far.**

**Have been discussing Thanksgiving and deciding that our menu will sway far from traditional. It's only the 4 of us and a whole turkey will just end up getting wasted. We are thinking of smoking ribs. Everyone loves them and they are tasty leftovers.**

**Wondering where another week went? Trying to savor each day and moment more and more.**


  1. Happy to hear you received your letter of approval for home study, huge relief I bet. We don't have to do that in Canada...really glad we don't. Like the sounds of those muffins, is he going to share the recipe???

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Love you sharing the fragments of your life. Thank you for doing it. Love, XXXOOO


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