packages in the mail

Yesterday was an exciting day. The mail lady brought us 4 packages.
Grammy and Grampy sent two.
Jaxson got his very own. A set of two new balls which he is loving very much.
The boys got books. One was making small paper airplanes which we spent the afternoon doing.

Then both of my sisters sent a box.

One with baby stuff, which was from her children. Mind you her youngest is 14. How can she have things and not I? This is her theory. If you keep a few baby items in your house you will not get pregnant. If you get rid of everything you just may. I got rid of everything and I am having a baby- she is not. Maybe she is onto something. Of course I wanted to get pregnant and she is past that stage of her life.

My other sister sent a box of craft items. The boys were so excited to get right to it and start making things. They went downstairs and painted for a bit. Again I ask where did she get all this stuff. She had it from when her daughter, who is now 24, was 10.

I often wonder if we are all from the same lineage. I am always getting rid of things, cleaning out and am not too sentimental at times. They obvioulsly hold onto things. I am glad because then their baby sister benefits:).

Thanks for the stuff. It was a fun day going through it all. And  boy, do we love to get mail around here.


  1. What a grand day. Nothing like a little something in the mail. Enjoy all of you. Love, XXXOOO


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