Our weekend included a little bit of work, a little bit of play, and lots of together time, which ended in a beautiful sunset.

we have a crazy dog who will follow the boys anywhere at the moment and decided to go down the slide with them. However, after two times he realized that the curvy slide was not for him and took a break from the playground. He is such a goofy dog, but loves those boys.

We also got to see an accidental street show while making a pit stop for ice cream in downtown Burlington. It took us a bit to get down the street however. Every 5 feet someone else would ask to pet the puppy. People commented that he was the cutest dog ever. He was getting so much attention, a bit too much as all we wanted to do was get to the ice cream store! But did he love all the petting and sweet whisperings.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, but after the hustle and bustle of the "city" I was happy to be back at home in the woods. I am really becoming someone who just like the quiet of home.


  1. It is always nice to go home, isn't it. We love a trip into the big city, but are always ready to head home to our little quiet part of the world.

    Your puppy had me giggling, so funny to see him on the slide.

  2. I loved Jaxon on the slide too! Too cute!

    I am *so* longing for the day when we live in a more wooded area than we do now. While it's not exactly the big city here it is more of a city than growing up in Bethany was (which is more like where I would love to live)!

  3. so, what's the puppy's name? He's too cute and the boys look so happy!

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  5. What a delightful day. Jaxson is certainly the right dog for all of you. He is the cutest puppy ever and look how he has grown, such long legs. I smiled at every picture. The joy is palpable. XXXOOO


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