some little pitstops

We are becoming a family of traditions. Every year when we travel North for our ski week we always have the same places to stop along the way.  Ben and Jerry's for a taste of the latest flavors and a tour possibly.  Um, who wouldn't want to stop for ice cream. It doesn't matter that it's 12* outside.

Then just a few minutes later, we stop for our favorite cheese.  The Cabot store.  There are tables throughout the store for tastings of cheese, popcorn , chips and such.   They have their dinner and dessert  without costing Eric and I a penny.  Just kidding.  But it is a nice afternoon snack. 

Traditions are good.


  1. Love your traditions and ice cream is good at any degree. Love to all, XXXOOO

  2. Oh my, your kiddos sure make adorable cows! So glad our Cabot store and products are part of your family traditions. Thanks for sharing!



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