on the trail

The snow seems to be following us.....

Snow is falling rapidly.  Trying to reach the car our faces are pelted with tiny flecks of snow.   I can see only a few feet in front of me.   Not very good driving weather, but we only have a short distance to go. There are shuttles that take you to the mountain from our place; but Eric extremely dislikes them- a story for another time perhaps.  

As we step onto the snow, our boots sink about 6 inches.  Fresh powder.  Perfect weather for skiing.  I believe we received 18-24 inches throughout the day.We always seem to have amazing weather while here.

The boys head to Ski Camp for a few hours and Eric and I get a chance to ski together.  The boys love skiing with their group. They're with kids their own age and don't have to always wait for the slow pokes(a.k.a. mom and dad). I can relax and not cringe at every trick they choose to do. They have NO fear!
We will meet up in the afternoon to ski together and be amazed at what they have learned.

We hit the trail.  Tapping snow on the helmet. Swishing powder as we turn.  Just me and my true love. It's mid-week and most people are at work or school. I feel like we are in the wild country.  We only pass another skier every 5 min or so.  There are even times that we never see another soul until we reach the base of the mountain.  We travel through glades.  Complete beauty abounds as we circumvent the trees.  

Back on the main trail, the snow seems to be dancing slightly above the ground. Changing directions quickly. Teasing "Come catch me!"  I'm up for the challenge.  Just for a bit.  The powder begins to get heavy , my thighs are getting a serious workout.  Whew! 

We head in for a little daytime lunch date.  Some good conversation and beer.  A wonderful New England winter's day.  I have fallen in love with Winter and my love all over again.

Snow is good. So glad it followed us.

Since it was a heavy winter storm I decided not to bring the camera today

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