journal writing

Ever since I could write I have kept  a journal.  There in a tub stored in my attic.  I have read through them time and again and laughed at what I used to think was oh so important to record.  But I am glad that I have them.  I love reading about my past and I hope one day it will give my children a glimpse of what my childhood was like.  Maybe they will be able to see their mother through different eyes.  

I still write in journals.  I have three , well four if you include this blog.  I keep a journal for myself and one for each of the boys.  I try every night to record their days.  Things they said or did that made me smile, laugh or even cry.  

One of my new years goals was for the boys and I to write together every night in a journal.  So after dinner when we are in our pajamas, we sit together with our favorite drawing tools and record our day.  We draw and write how we feel, what has happened or what will happen.  Sometimes we even create a story. 

This is one of my favorite times of the day.  A time to pause upon what is going on in our lives.  

The boys have gotten so used to this daily activity that there have been nights when  I have been sick in bed and they have written on their own. I hope it will be something that they hold onto throughout their lives.  I think it is a wonderful way to record memories, develop writing skills, and relieve worries. 

They also love hearing what I write about in "their" journals by mommy.  These will be a gift to them one day when they are older, when they can read about their childhood days the way mommy saw it.

And we do take our journals with us wherever we may go.  There is always time to write, especially about our wonderful adventures while away.


  1. I love this post. I love journaling too. Somedays I love to sit with a cup of coffee and re-read my old ones, especially when the girls were infants. Now most of my journals are on my computer and I have to print them out so there is a hard copy. My one from last year is over 200 pages...... You are giving the boys such a gift. I am going to start building time in to our day for daily journaling....

  2. Thanks Jessica for the feedback. It is truly amazing to see what we have written.

  3. The skills this is building will be life long. Not to mention the wonderful time together. Thank you for building this activity into their day. XXXOOO


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