I Have A Goal

I have a goal this month  to post every day.  The shortest month of the year so why not start there??  

I started blogging  because I wanted to share our happenings with relatives that are far away.  I wanted Grammy and Grampy to be a part of our lives as much as possible.   As time has gone by I have found a little network of bloggers that I enjoy reading and get inspiration from.  It's neat to see what other crafters and learners are doing.  

There are many days that are filled to the brim and by nightfall I just want to sit and do nothing.  I am trying to reclaim who I am. What my interest are.  I am trying to make time for my knitting, crafting, physical health, photography and now blogging.  I like to share what we do but also want to just write.  About what I am not entirely sure, but that is what is great about this blog. There is no particular topic that I need to stick to.  I can just write.  

That is my goal. To be open to all thoughts and to post every day.  Some days it might just be pictures, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  Right?


  1. You do an incredible job capturing all moments, I wish I captured half as many! Sorry I missed last weekend, give you a call this weekend, can't wait to catch up!

  2. RIGHT! You are doing a great job with every interest and more. We are so proud of all you do for yourself, family and us. Thank you! Love, XXXOOO


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