Just What We Needed

I know we just returned from a week of skiing and we have been skiing on the weekends pretty regularly but we needed another day.  This time it was with friends we haven't seen in 7 weeks.  We used to see these little ladies every week during pottery class and the boys have surly missed them.  January was really a time for us and was a terrific month of home bound days.  But we missed our friends.  So we headed to a local ski area and had the most amazing day.  The kids basically had the mountain to themselves and decided to conquer the entire place.  They did all 25 trails and it was a race to the finish line.  We made the last trail just as the last run of the day was going. 
I love the fact that at lunch William was studying the trail map and could tell you all the names of the trails that were on the mountain and he knew just where to go. He had it all pictured in his head. 

This mountain gave the boys a little more independence.  It is a quaint little place and basically they can't get lost.  Although I was always behind them - it was at a much farther space than usual.  The mommies were catching up.

We are hoping for more snow so we can take advantage of this weekly homeschool group meet-up.  At least until mid- March.  I am even willing to say early April!

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  1. What a wonderful time together. My how grown up the boys are conquering mountains with friends. Aren't you wonderful for giving them the opportunity? Love, XXXOOO


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