the learning of life

::how to get off the chairlift without mama's help
 :: encouraging one another as we ski down the mountain
:: reading or identifying letters on the trail signs
:: recognizing our surroundings and knowing what direction we should go in
:: tricks on the terrain parks as well as the safety rules

:: being compassionate when people fall,making sure they are o.k. and helping them up or with their equipment

:: meeting new friends and being able to hold conversations with them

:: choosing healthy meals all by themselves; mom and dad were not there when lunch was served

:: appreciating the wonder of this world, every time we got off the chair lift and looked at our view the boys would exclaim "WOW"  Every Time

:: mama learned how to relax and trust that her boys were going to do just fine on their own


  1. That is awesome! Relaxing and trusting is way harder than it sounds!

  2. WOW the boys got some air, the boys went up the lift alone and WOW to the view and you all had fun. WONDERFUL! Love, XXXOOO


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