what one can do

Tonight I had a headache.  We had eaten a big bowl of popcorn about an hour before dinnertime. I wasn't hungry. Eric was eating dinner at a meeting.  We were just going to eat whatever was in the fridge. 
William felt it was his responsibility to cook.   He made eggs and toast.   I sat in the living room knitting. Landon waited anxiously for his meal. "William makes the best toast", he says with  a knowing smile.  "Lots of jelly."  They enjoyed their food together with laughs. 
I smiled at the thought that my babes are growing. Getting to the point where they don't always need me right there.   

Trusting your children gives them the knowledge to do.  The confidence in themselves that they are capable.  William is learning everyday that he can instead of can't.

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  1. What a joy to watch your children grow in confidence, ability and care and concern for others. GOOD JOB MOM! XXXOOO


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