a thought on books

We love books.  We have a ton.  They love going to the library and choosing new ones.  

Currently they are loving graphic novels.  I used to cringe at this idea.  Saying they were too young for some of them.  But that is what gets them reading.  William will sit for hours to looking through them and is reading as much as he can while looking at them, plus he loves sharing them with Landon....

There are so many choices these days with graphic novels. Right now they are enjoying the historical stories, all the while learning about our history.

Although graphic novels are not the only thing we read I am no longer so concerned about them.  It is all creating a love for reading.  You read what you are interested in and of course will remember it so much the better.

And when they get so excited to spend an hour together reading their new books, well it makes a mama sigh and say all is right.

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  1. Like most things this too is a stage. As long as they are reading. You are such a good mama!!! Just look at that picture. I can feel the love and respect. Love, XXXOOO


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