22 weeks

This is not the best picture but my sisters were wondering what I looked like lately. I am not usually fond of pictures taken of me, but I let Eric take one at the end of the day. So I if I look tired, I am.  Our days are full and by the end I am pretty beat.  Feeling pretty good though. The baby is moving lots.
He has a nickname of the unnamed cowboy. Hoping by February we will have a name. And yes, it's a boy for those of you who did not know.


  1. Look at the lovely baby belly and the gorgeous mama!!!!

    Another boy, how exciting!!!!

  2. Lookin' good mama! Can't believe you are at the half way mark already! Have you found where you'll be birthing or do you plan to do it at home?! Enjoy every moment of this very special time!

  3. I love the look of a pregnant woman and you look wonderful. You are growing a one of kind, unique new life that no one has done before or will do again. We are so excited for the unnamed cowboy to make his entrance. Yippee ki-yay and Hi Ho Silver. Happy trails to you. XXXOOO

  4. You look great! And I can not wait to see this little cowboy!


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